Special Thanks:

Special Thanks
Brony@Home is a non-profit organisation, and as such, we rely upon the generosity of our fellow members to keep this site running, fuel our competitions, and most importantly, to further the progress of science. Our advertisement revenue only gets us so far. As such, this page is dedicated to all those who have contributed significantly to the development, and the continued running of this site and its events.
For a full list of donations, visit our Donations page. We welcome any and all donations, too.

Major Donations:

Our competitions wouldn't be anywhere near as impressive, without the generosity of many. Of particular mention, are the talented designers who create some of our most valuable prizes:

Zuckerschnuti (DeviantArt):

Zuckerschnuti Plush

KarasuNezumi (DeviantArt) | karasu11 (eBay):

KarasuNezumi Plush

squeesha (eBay):

Squeesha Plush


GTX 470


Brony@Home would not be where it is, without the massive exposure it has received for free from so many groups. Honorary mentions go out to the following:

Equestria Daily

Fillydelphia Radio

Neoseeker Hardware & Games Enthusiasts


Our site is hosted for free by a fellow member who owns the site below:


Donations & IRC:

A special mention goes out to our forum moderator, tiwake, for his contributions across the board, including prize donations, and the running of our IRC channel:

Steamheart Innovations: Bringing the best to all ponykind

Dynamic images & subteam page:

Steven Berridge - Web Developer

This individual has been a major help in the development of some of the features on this site, including the framework for the coding behind the dymanic images showing our statistics, as well as some of the features on our Sub-Teams page.