February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
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February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
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Greetings one and all to yet another Brony@Home competition! We're going to kick off this round of scientific contributions with some more assistance to medical science, and add a new element into the mix. This competition will put both your computing power and your observational skills to the test with two projects: Folding@Home and EyeWire. Scores obtained from the two will be combined and scaled, so your odds of winning will greatly increase by participating in both halves of the competition!


For our returning competitors, plus several other new joiners, Folding@Home will be familiar to you. This software will run in the background and use any computing power that you are not using, so that protein simulations can be made to better understand the assembly, and mis-assembly of proteins which can cause many of today's well known diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's. Excelling in this category is simple. The list below outlines how to get the upper hand against your fellow competitors:

Powerful hardware: Naturally, the faster your computer, the more points you score.
Running time: The longer you run your computer, the more time per day you have to score points.
Multiple computers: Points stack, so running more than one computer under your name will give you more points.
Computer usage: The less you use your computer for your own needs (gaming, movies, etc.), the more power is available for F@H, and the more points can be earned.

To get ready for this competition, here's what you need to do:

1: Install the software at the very top of the Folding@home website
2: Pick a username to fold under
3: Create a passkey (optional, but recommended for more points)
4: Add the team number 212997

The software should start working automatically, and you should see CPU activity in your task manager. If you're new to F@H, the progress bar may stay at 0% for a few hours. This is normal, and you will see a jump in progress after this period of time elapses. It will then rise normally.


Our second project is EyeWire. This is a new project we are using in our competitions, which requires you to actively participate by using your eyes and mind to make progress. Users are given work units, or 'cubes', which are 2D scans of nerve cells in the X, Y, and Z dimensions. The computer will fill in a known part of a single cell, and it is your job to locate the unknown parts. For more information, read this thread.

Getting started with this project is easy:

1: Visit http://eyewire.org
2: Sign up
3: Finish the tutorial
4: Read through this thread to better understand EyeWire

Prize List:

- New R9 390 Video Card*
- Used R9 280X Video Card (Donated by PoNyePiC, Image)*
- 2x 10 - 12 inch plushies**
- Fuzzy pony commission by viwrastupr (example)
- Colored commission by flowbish
- Witcher 2, Enchanced Edition (GOG game from davidfg4)
- Wolfenstein: The New Order (Steam game from davidfg4)
- Psychonauts (Steam game from davidfg4)
- Brutal Legend (Steam game from davidfg4)
- Costume Quest (Steam game from davidfg4)
- Deponia: The Complete Journey (Steam game from davidfg4)
- Dust: An Elysian Tail (GOG game from davidfg4)
- MLP Twilight Sparkle tie (by kaitou42)
- Left 4 Dead 2 (Steam game from Squirrel623)
- Magicka (Steam game from Squirrel623)
- Forced: Slightly Better Edition (Steam game from Squirrel623)

*High-end video cards draw significant power. The R9 390 can use a maximum of 330 watts (Source: Techpowerup). Please ensure your computer's power supply can handle the additional power draw, or understand that you may need to upgrade your current PSU before installing the card. If you are unsure of anything, always ask first.

** Winners will have a choice of which character they wish to have. Due to fluctuations in variety, the list of available characters will be presented to the winner at the end of the competition. Possible design examples: 1, 2

Important Competition Information:

To sign up for this competition, please post in this thread with your usernames for each project. Please be sure to post your user name exactly as you have typed it into each project, or we will not be able to find your stats during the competition. If your username in one project is different to the other, let us know.

The competition starts on the 1st of February at 00:00 UTC, and will last for 8 weeks, ending at 00:00 UTC on the 28th of March. It is open to anyone around the world.

Once the competition starts, competitors will have their starting stats recorded. That way, those who have already participated in either project can effectively start at 0 points to ensure any pre-competition points are not counted. This will allow you to begin working on each project early to get a feel for them. Bonus points for Folding@Home start after completing 10 work units, so the sooner you fold, the better. For EyeWire, the more practise you get, the better you will do when the competition starts!

Folding@Home can use the full power of your hardware for extended periods of time. This results in hardware running at higher temperatures. While your hardware is designed to run at these temperatures, please monitor them if you are new to Folding@Home or are unfamiliar with your computer's maximum temperatures. If your computer is overheating, this is generally caused by a severe dust buildup in your case. This needs to be cleaned out, regardless of whether you participate in the competition or not, as it affects the performance and longevity of your hardware.

Users will be notified in this thread of issues regarding their stats not showing up, or any other competition-related issue in the days after the competition commences. As such, please keep an eye on this thread on a regular basis. If no response is received from a user, we may email you, using the address used to sign up to this forum.

As always, to prevent disputes, I as the admin cannot compete in these competitions. Prize donators and other forum staff may compete, but will not receive any special consideration.

To reinforce the above point, as well as to assist me in locating any potential scoring issues should they arise, all stats for competitors and their progress in this competition will be made public. You can find the link at the end of this post.

Determining Winners:

As competitors have the ability to excel in this competition without relying entirely on the advantage of better performance or financial state, winners will be chosen based purely on performance in this competition, as opposed to the probability system used in previous competitions. The method of determining the winner is explained below:

Points earned by users in both projects will be put through the following formula to determine the winner:

(sqrt(F@H user X) / sqrt(highest scoring F@H user) * 100) + (sqrt(EW user X) / sqrt(highest scoring EW user) * 100) = Competition score

Where user X is the user in question. The formula above will result in a score between 0 and 200. This means that to obtain a score of 200, you would need to score first place in both Folding@Home and EyeWire. The purpose of this system is to level the playing field. If a competitor does not have the resources to earn a large amount of points with Folding@Home, he or she may still win the competition by excelling in EyeWire.

Winners will be ranked according to this final total score, and will be contacted to choose their prize from the list of prizes upon completion of the competition via the forum's private messaging system. Each user will have three days from the time they are contacted to choose a prize. If no response is given after this time, the next winner in line will take their place, so be sure to either check back on the forums frequently, or enable email notifications from your user settings.

Latecomers may still participate. If the competition has already started, there's absolutely no issue with joining regardless. Keep in mind that your starting stats will be recorded at the time that I see your post, so there may be a few hours of lost points as a result.


Note: Names listed as Folding@Home/EyeWire

  1. davidfg4/davidfg4
  2. SweetSkies/Ciy
  3. anoa/rainbowdash
  4. AppleDash/AppleDash
  5. Persona/Persona
  6. beartwigs/beartwigs
  7. BestPony/BestPony
  8. pinormous/pinormous
  9. DavidSilver/DavidSilver
  10. SplitShockVirus/SplitShockVirus
  11. Slaigh/Slaigh
  12. PoNyePiC/PoNyePiC
  13. EZM/EZM
  14. MachEntertainment/
  15. mollusk/mollusk
  16. DeadMansReach/DeadMansReach
  17. seatsea/seatsea
  18. Taifan9/Talifan9
  19. Fir3Chi3f/Fir3Chi3f
  20. CyberPon3/CyberPon3
  21. Keradon/Keradon
  22. Choco31415/Choco31415
  23. DankSquad/DankSquad
  24. kage/keystroke
  25. snake8head/snake8head
  26. Joshywooful/Joshywooful
  27. ave0000/ave0000
  28. RoBorg/RoBorg
  29. TopQuark/TopQuark_
  30. DeadParrot222/DeadParrot222
  31. FeldwebelBrony/FeldwebelBrony
  32. ZoeyVS/ZoeyVS
  33. tyyppix/tyyppix
  34. Sugargrape/Sugargrape
  35. Tehlizard/TehLizard
  36. EldenAndel/eldenandel
  37. JhanveyPony/JhanveyPony
  38. mememan/mememan
  39. Squirrel623/Squirrel623
  40. locodash11/locodash11
  41. Krystal_Flores/Krystal_Flores
  42. Sellyme/Sellyme
  43. Nightsun33/Nightsun33
  44. Ruthalas/Ruthalas
  45. PON135/
  46. karstvgl/karstvgl
  47. Wackydude1234/Wackydude1234
  48. Rainboom_Dash/Rainboom_Dash
  49. Dakuel1/Dakuel1
  50. ps17473/ps17473
  51. Dawnfire/Dawn_fire
  52. Justino/Justino99
Click For Stats

Winners and claimed prizes:

tyyppix: R9 390
Talifan9: R9 280X
davidfg4: Chose not to claim a prize
EZM: Fuzzy pony commission by viwrasupr
PoNyePic: Chose not to claim a prize
Tehlizard: 3 day time limit exceeded
BestPony: Twilight Sparkle tie
SweetSkies/Ciy: Colored commission by flowbish
RoBorg: Plushie
CyberPon3: Dust: An Elysian Tail
DankSquad: 3 day time limit exceeded
Justino/Justino99: 3 day time limit exceeded
pinormous: Plushie
Rainboom_Dash: Psychonauts
ps17473: Wolfenstein: The New Order
DeadMansReach: Magica
FeldwebelBrony: Deponia: The Complete Journey
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2016-01-12, 02:56:31 PM
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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
I'm in, davidfg4 on both. I'm ready to go for F@H, but will need to do some more practicing with Eyewire!

(Note that I will not accept any prizes which I helped contribute, which is a few of them.)
2016-01-12, 03:00:25 PM
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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
Sign me up for F@H! user name is SweetSkies
*edit signed up for Eyewire too, username is Ciy, Sorry about that!
**edit eyewire username is Ciy
*** edit: well, now I'm addicted to EW ._.;
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(This post was last modified: 2016-01-12, 04:44:59 PM by SweetSkies.)
2016-01-12, 03:33:12 PM
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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
I'm up for it.

F@H: anoa
Eyewire: rainbowdash (yup)

This'll actually be my first time playing EW!
2016-01-12, 05:37:00 PM
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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
I'd love to enter, I'm AppleDash on both!
2016-01-12, 06:02:56 PM
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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
Sign me up! Persona on both.
2016-01-12, 07:00:22 PM
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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
I'm game! beartwigs on both!
[Image: sigimage.php?u=668084&t=212997&b=spitfire1]
[Image: sigimage.php?w=1496155&t=81403693&b=luna1]
2016-01-12, 07:54:22 PM
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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
Sign me up please! BestPony on both.
[Image: sigimage.php?u=652873&t=212997&b=twilight2]
2016-01-12, 08:28:58 PM
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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
Sign up my zombified rig. pinormous on both
[Image: sigimage.php?w=2793449&p=81403693&u=6281...b=octavia1][Image: sigimage.php?e=pinormous&b=vinylscratch1]
2016-01-12, 11:48:28 PM
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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
I return! I'll go with my banner here.
[Image: sigimage.php?u=675354&t=212997&b=twilight2]
2016-01-13, 12:54:17 AM
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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
My time has come, I've been training my whole life for this moment!!!
[Image: sigimage.php?u=676742&t=212997&b=twilight2]
2016-01-13, 03:58:54 AM
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Slaigh Offline

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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
Yiss, comp time.
I'm in, username for both: Slaigh
[Image: sigimage.php?u=617410&t=212997&b=rarity2]
2016-01-13, 05:48:21 AM
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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
Well, my house is cold, so I could use the heat anyway. Sign me up, good sir


[Image: sigimage.php?u=658963&t=212997&b=rainbowdash1]
2016-01-13, 07:56:28 AM
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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
Y'all have been added.

SweetSkies, I'm currently seeing both names on the EyeWire leaderboard. I assume you want me to ignore the SweetSkies name and track Ciy instead, right?

EDIT: I also see a BackgroundPony on the EyeWire leaderboard. That belong to anyone here?
[Image: sigimage.php?FAHUser=hiigaran&FAHTeam=21...hangeling1]
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2016-01-13, 07:58:04 AM
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RE: February 2016 Competition: Maximum Science
(2016-01-13, 07:58:04 AM)hiigaran Wrote: Y'all have been added.

SweetSkies, I'm currently seeing both names on the EyeWire leaderboard. I assume you want me to ignore the SweetSkies name and track Ciy instead, right?

EDIT: I also see a BackgroundPony on the EyeWire leaderboard. That belong to anyone here?

Yeah, I'll be using Ciy on Eyewire instead.
[Image: sigimage.php?u=669542&t=212997&b=sweetskies]
2016-01-13, 12:01:33 PM
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