New Ryzen Build (I'm back)
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New Ryzen Build (I'm back)
Hello All,

I haven't been to the site in like 2 years, I like how the forums look now.

I got thinking about the site since I just finished a new main rig build.
I remembered that I have this site to thank for getting me into building computers and helping me solve issues and have fun along the way.

For anyone who is still around since I made my first post over 6 years ago (god I am old), thanks for the help and the laughs and I hope your doing great.

First point: I don't really distributed compute anymore. I have my own apartment and electricity ain't free.

The more complete answer is that I am a Manufacturing Engineering student who is working on my Bachelors and Masters. Meaning that I need to be able to 3D model and complete other design work at all hours of the day. Also I like my hardware and I am gonna try and make it run for as long as possible.

I can definitely still vibe with some EyeWire if I get in a mood though.

Second point: Here is the pcpartpicker link for the new build:

This was probably the worst time to try and build a pc, but life doesn't always happen when its convenient for you.

My little brother wanted a desktop (finally) and I passed down mine to him.

I wanted to have a few different goals than compared to my first build.

1) I wanted the case to be smaller. It lives under my desk on a small cart and my legs would bump the old computer very often. This would mean that I usually would sit far away from my desk to avoid this. it was not ideal.

2) I wanted to avoid having any mechanical drives. No disk drives, no HDD's. I wanted solid state all the way. I NEED THE SPEED!!.

3) I really wanted to have nicer newer monitors that matched. I have never had matching monitors and its something I wanted to reward myself with.

4) A stretch goal I had was to reduce the noise levels under load compared to the old pc. The old machine had a lot of fans and was ran under load very often so it got to be quite noticeable near the end of its time in the apartment.

For reference here is the thread for the old pc build (it was named ARPANET, but later on it had a less polite name):

And here is the old computers pcpartpicker link:

Here is a pic of the monitor setup:
[Image: zA9xOYo.jpg]

I don't know if I am gonna hang around much. But I still wanted to say hi, and thanks.
Thanks For Your Time, 

Justino (The guy who likes trains maybe too much)

Where I play with real trains:
2021-09-09, 12:54:36 AM
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RE: New Ryzen Build (I'm back)
Welcome back:)
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