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F@H client for Android Phones - hiigaran - 2015-03-20

It's finally here! Seeing how popular the mobile client for BOINC was, the devs have decided to develop a F@H equivalent which has now entered beta stage.

For those who wish to try it out on their Android phones, you can find it under Folding@Home in the Play Store, or whatever your phone's app manager is called.

The app itself still has a long way to go. So far, I have not seen any area where one can input their user name, team, or passkey, and from my very brief experience with it, there are a couple of other stupidities, like a restriction of 6 hours per day for calculation. I suppose the idea was to have the app run while you sleep, but for people with unusual work and sleep hours such as myself, changing this value all the time would be bothersome. Regardless, it's a good start, and I certainly wish to see them perfect this app and tap into this source of unused computing power.

You can read Stanford's announcement here.

RE: F@H client for Android Phones - PoNyePiC - 2015-03-20

I assume they will allow user credentials by the time they're outta beta phase. They probably need to work on how to address points. I would be happy if they at least added a team number option. And get rid of the 6 hour limit. I'm sure I can find a way around that eventually. My theory is that they put the limit in place due to the PS3 issue. The conspiracy theorists say that Sony pulled the plug on PS3 folding due to the higher number of failing PS3 units from 24/7 Folding within the warranty period. Twilightsmile

Well, it's not working for me. Maybe because I don't have kitkat Ajbemused Is it possible to upgrade to kitkat?

Nevermind, I totally have KK 4.4. I wonder why it isn't working then Rainbowhuh

And then, of course, I actually read the instructions:

1. Phone must be plugged in and battery @ 100% during the whole process
2. Wifi is required, so no data usage
3. You can select a daily starting time and it will run for 6 hours. I doubt they will stop you from selecting a new time after you serve your six hours Twilightblush

How wonderful Raritystarry It makes for a great hand warmer Heart
Comes in handy in these cold regions.

RE: F@H client for Android Phones - davidfg4 - 2015-03-20

We were talking about this on chat and all of our phones were not compatible so unfortunately we weren't able to try it out. I'm running Kit Kat but somehow the Play store determined there was some other incompatibility and refused to even install it.

RE: F@H client for Android Phones - PoNyePiC - 2015-03-21

(2015-03-20, 11:50:00 PM)davidfg4 Wrote: We were talking about this on chat and all of our phones were not compatible so unfortunately we weren't able to try it out. I'm running Kit Kat but somehow the Play store determined there was some other incompatibility and refused to even install it.

originally it only worked on Sony devices. But it is available to most Kitkat and above devices. I would try it again to see if its works.

RE: F@H client for Android Phones - davidfg4 - 2015-03-21

We were talking about this last night after hiig made this post, so nothing has changed since then. ;)
I'm still not sure why it wouldn't run on my Motorola Droid Mini running 4.4.4.

RE: F@H client for Android Phones - RoBorg - 2015-03-22

My phone is only 4.1 :(

RE: F@H client for Android Phones - PoNyePiC - 2015-03-23

Ok, so I've amassed many hours with the Android client. I've come to some conclusions as to people's complaints about the program. FTR, I have a Galaxy S4 sporting Kitkat. Twilightsmile

First off, the six-hour limit is causing some stir. I believe it may be because the client draws more power than even a 2 AMP charger can provide. I noticed that my phone was dead and powered off when I woke up after the first use of the client. I figured it was a thermal shutdown by the phone. I noticed later on that while the client is running, the phone thinks that the battery level is always at 100%. Even the green LED will remain on with the screen off, and the notification bar will always show 100% battery. But as soon as you unplug the charger, the client is disabled and the battery status will update to show the true level. So, in short, the client fools the phone into thinking its fully charged, but in actuality, it is slowly draining it. It took almost six hours to drain the battery on mine, so that's probably why they chose six hours.

Another major issue, according to most people Twilightangry2, is that you are unable to put a team number or user credentials. I don't believe they have a simple way of awarding points for this client yet. It would be nice if they would maybe create a separate points system for mobile devices and have those points show up in the stats. I dunno. Any thoughts? Applejackunsure The software does, however, keep track of total hours spent folding. So maybe that will be a way to award teams, by showing total accumulative hours folding. It would be a bit unfair though, since some phones are more powerful than others, but it's better than nothing.

Some folks are having issues even getting the program to run at all, even if they all have the same phone. Several possibilities came up. I can only get it to work on a 2 AMP charger, not a computer USB port or less powerful charger, etc. It will not work on wireless chargers, however the hell those work anyway... Must have a solid WiFi connection, and obviously cellular data doesn't work here. When my phone reaches 100%, I set the start time to the current time and then hit the power button to shut the screen off. Within five minuettes, the phone will reset, after which the Folding client starts running. I have a resource monitor checking out temps and CPUsage Derpytongue2. Also, the Galaxy S4 will bake like the surface of the sun if not cooled properly. I now either sit it over the high-airflow vent from my air purifier, or sitting on a wet copper cold water line, both of which work great. I also remove the case.

Sometimes during the 'active' period, the program isn't really crunching anything, and the phone will stay cold. If the notification drop-down thingy says that it is active, just roll with it. Mine runs most of the time, but does gets some periods of nothingness. A few reviewers said they quit using it because of this. So just hang tight and it will still count up total hours of folding Raritydespair

RE: F@H client for Android Phones - hiigaran - 2017-12-26

I decided to try out this app once again. Anyone know why I'm unable to sign in on it?