Support Brony@Home:
Brony@Home is strictly not-for-profit, serving as the hub for the MLP fandom to unite and further the progress of any and all distributed-computing projects around the world. However, because we are merely ad-funded, we require all the support we can get for server and domain upkeep, as well as hosting competitions with such popular prizes. If you wish to donate any amount of money to us via PayPal or Bitcoin, please use the relevant buttons below.




The following list serves to provide credit to those people or groups who have gone above and beyond simply donating computing power:

  • Anonymous Donations: $175
  • Asatruar: 1x $25 iTunes gift card
  • beartwig: 1x game
  • bubdude0: 1x art commission
  • CheeseDeluxe: 1x 15 inch plushie
  • Chief_Tyrol: 1x game
  • davidfg4: 1x AMD R9 290, 1x AMD RX 580
  • David Silver: 1x PDF Ponyfinder
  • enginemaniac: 2x GTX 470
  • feld0: 2x MLP Forums subscriptions, 1x 2 month server hosting
  • Fir3Chi3f: 2x GTX 470
  • flaxative: 1x game
  • flowbish: 2x art commissions
  • FluttershySucks: 3x games
  • GeekyLizard: $10
  • GeminiShadows: 1x art commission
  • gildedkitten: 4x games
  • Grenadder: 1x art commission
  • Justino: 1x Corsair H100i liquid cooler
  • KarasuNezumi: 1x plushie
  • Kaitou42: 1x MLP tie
  • kawaiipony: 1x art comission
  • Labrat: $10
  • nekomatafuyu: 1x etched rocks glass
  • OctalPony: 1x game
  • pinormous: 1x Lauren Faust, Tara Strong, John de Lancie autographed poster, 2x games
  • RoBorg: $40
  • Sanveefor: 6x games
  • shadowbolt82: 2x $50 Amazon gift certificates
  • Shadow Of Death: 12x games
  • Silfoe: 1x art comission
  • spazturtle: 22x games
  • squeesha: 1x plushie
  • SubjectNumber2394: 1x art commission
  • SXRXE: $25
  • Talifan9: 2x games, $25
  • Tich: 5x games
  • Tiwake: 1x engraved Zippo, 2x EVGA GTX 470, 4x B@H posters, 1x Sibsy autographed WildFire poster, 1x game
  • Tsitra360: 1x Andrea Libman autographed poster
  • tyyppix: 1x game
  • viwrastupr: 3x art commissions
  • Whatsapokemon: 1x art commission
  • zuckerschnuti: 2x 4 inch plushies

Feel free to send hiigaran a PM, if any information above is incorrect.