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Full Version: 2017/2018 Brony@Home vs Team AnandTech!
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2017/2018 Brony@Home vs Team AnandTech!
Competition will start at 18:00UTC December 1st 2017 and end 18:00UTC Febuary 1st 2018
We are still accepting signups after the competition starts! Get your flank in here and join the troops.

This is our first competition against another team (Team AnandTech), and we need all the help we can get.
To easily keep track of how our two teams are doing, we made a graph updated every hour of the two teams.
The magic number to beat is 50million points in a day. This is AnandTech's peak last year about this time. Our current record for points in one day is 36,806,844: I think we can do better.

Competing in the competition
  • To get started, just download and install the Folding@home software
  • Pick a username to fold under (it automatically registers it when setting up the software)
  • Set a quick little passkey (optional, but recommended)
  • Set the team to 212997 (very important, go pony power!)
  • In addition to installing the software, make a post in this thread saying "Hey! I love you guys (espically you tiwake!) and I want to join the competition. My folding name is SirFoldAlot even though my username on this forum is RainbowCrash41902."
It is not necessary to post in this thread if all you want to do is help the Brony@Home team beat Team AnandTech. It is necessary if you want to win a prize though.

About the Competition
The Folding@home software is biological simulation software for research done at colleges across the world. It performs many calculations, and places a load on your system, causing hardware to heat up. While the Folding@home software is designed to go unnoticed by reducing its usage in real time to prevent disruptions to your own usage, you can also limit the maximum usage of the program to keep heat at a safe level. Monitor the first few minutes of running the software, and adjust accordingly, especially on laptops. In most cases, no adjustment is necessary though.

Because Folding@home does not count bonus points unless you complete 10 work units or more, I highly suggest you set up the software several days before the competition starts. When the competition ends you can of course stop the software, however you would be stopping your computer from doing research. The whole point of this competition is to get ponies running the software on their computers for ongoing biological research.

If you want to donate something for a prize, please PM me the details with pictures/links for what it is.
List of Prizes
  1. Video card, AMD RX 580 donated by davidfg4 won by skehmatics
  2. Rarity plushy won by FinalplayerRyu
  3. Scootaloo plushy won by ZhilTP911
  4. 1-2 pony commission by Silfoe Example won by Snowblind
  5. 1 character commission by viwrastupr, simple background, Example won by TallonRain
  6. 1 character commission by kawaiipony, Example won by PoNyePiC
  7. Any 60 euro/dollar steam game of choice, donated by tyyppix won by Katisha
  8. Any tie or bowtie of choice from donated by kaitou42 won by IdhrenLives
  9. Any PDF copy of Ponyfinder that is desired from David Silver
  10. Corsair H100i liquid cooler donated by Justino won by Lonoxmont
Prizes are distributed based on a raffle ticket system. The more you fold and get points, the more tickets you get.
The first ticket drawn gets first pick and so on until there are no more prizes.

Feel free to ask about anything if things are unclear.
Cheers, and may the best pony win. Rainbowdetermined2
reserved for ponies who enter the competition and who wins what

List of Competitors nickname | Folding@home nickname
14flash | 14flash
7-11WasAnInsideJob | 7-11WasAnInsideJob
aethe | aethe
ArkaDarp | ArkaDarp
ArtemisPlum | ArtemisPlum
Blackfell | Blackfell
BreakPoint | BreakPoint
Bron | Bronish
BronyTime001 | BronyTime001
Bytewave | Bytewave
Ceepert | Ceepert
chaosmarine92 | chaosmarine92
Colgate | Minuette
CopperGear | CopperGear
Coterminus | Coterminus
cowgirlkaboom | CowgirlKaboom
CyberPon3 | CyberPon3
davidfg4 | davidfg4
DeadMansReach | DeadMansReach
Deltalizer | Deltalizer
devonx25 | Devonx25_ALL_1Fxkf4CKsJQYguGZuCzxzY3P8eNCvBZA3L
EasyNameToSay | EasyNameToSay
eflyjason | eflyjason
Elon_Musk | Elon_Musk
EpicestGamer | EpicestGamer
EquineVincitOmnia | EquineVincitOmnia
FeldwebelBrony | FeldwebelBrony
FinalplayerRyu | FinalplayerRyu
Floof Da Deer | Floof
FoxWithGun | FoxWithGun
Framwinkle | Framwinkle
Fuzzy_died | Fuzzy_died
galactose | galactose
Glotzer3d | Glotzer3d
IdhrenLives | IdhrenLives
ILikePizza555 | ILikePizza555
Indeedicus | Indeedicus
invertigo | 35
Ircza | Ircza
JamesNinelives | JamesNinelives
jasonbluefire | jasonbluefire
Jetbird08 | Jetbird08
Jupiter88 | Jupiter88
justherefortheraffle | cred73
Justino | Justino
Kataclysm | Kataclysm
Katisha | Katisha
Krebs830 | Krebs830
Krystal | Krystal_Flores
KTOdius | KTOdius
LazerSparkle | LazerSparkle
lesu | lesu
LittleGreenPony | TempusCasumque
Llisandur | Llisandur
locodash11 | locodash11
Lonoxmont | Lonoxmont
loversh | loversh
Lulamoon | Lulamoon
LulamoonLove | LulamoonLove
neirdae | neirdae
NightSky | NightSkyPGSI
no name bane | nonamebane
noonespecific | noonespecific
Nyinx D'Lune | Nyinxie
Peach Hack | Peach_Hack
Personifire | Persona
phat_guy | phat_guy
Phyntar | Phyntar
pinormous | pinormous
PoNyePiC | PoNyePiC
Protocat | Protocat
ps17473 | ps17473
Rainboom_Dash | Rainboom_Dash
RoBorg | RoBorg
runner2 | runner2
Ruthalas | Ruthalas
RhythmPixel | RhythmPixel
seatsea | seatsea
Silver Scroll | Silver_Scroll
skehmatics | skehmatics
SkyShepherd | SkyShepherd
SlipReigns | SlipReign
Snowblind | Snowblind
SoleGen | SoleGen
StrawberryPone | StrawberryPone
SturdySolace | Avian_Influenza
SweetSkies | SweetSkies
Swift_Crescendo | Swift_Crescendo
Szaladon | Szaladon
Talifan9 | Talifan9
TallonRain | TallonRain
Tenebrae | Tenebrae
thegreatloofa | thegreatloofa
TheMajorTechie | TheMajorTechie
TheWattsMan | TheWattsMan
Tryp | Tryp
Tylerspyler | Tylerspyler
tyyppix | tyyppix
urioxis | urioxis
VoidTemplar2000 | VoidTemplar
Xinef | Xinef
Zebra North | ZebraNorth
ZhilTP911 | ZhilTP911
ziyan | ziyan
I'm in username is tyyppix.
Count me in. Talifan9 !
Also, are we going to accept prize donations from their team as well? Could be useful :)

Edit: Also...have folding sigs been broken for forever?
(2017-11-06, 07:02:19 AM)Talifan9 Wrote: [ -> ]Count me in. Talifan9 !
Also, are we going to accept prize donations from their team as well? Could be useful :)

Edit: Also...have folding sigs been broken for forever?

yes, the signature banners have been non-functional for a long time. Hiigarian needs to poke the extreme overclocking people about getting us un-banned from the requests 

Quote:Just a quick update. The stats have been upgraded to HTTPS and for the most part should transparently switch you to the secure version of the site. I did code in an exception for the xml feeds & sig images where HTTPS is available but the server won't force it because I don't want to break any custom scripts people are using that might not be able to handle it.
If you are experiencing any problems, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm going to be switching over more parts of the website in the coming days, I just need to go through and fix a few hard-coded URLs.

I also have recently banned a few IPs of misbehaving web crawlers / bots / scripts. I tried to trace each IP back, but if there is no user-agent in the request, and trying the IP in a browser goes to a blank page, there isn't much I can do. If you find your script can no longer access the stats then again, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Also for some people that have embedded pages in Google Docs and WordPress, please remove them. Both those sources do ZERO caching of requests and end up making a LOT of queries for the same data over and over and over.
Heyo, sign me up! Deltalizer both here and for folding :D
Hey! I love you guys (espically you tiwake!) and I want to join the competition. My folding name is DeadMansReach even though my username on this forum is DeadMansReach.

Let the snow removal commence.
Count me in Twilightsmile

~ PoNyePiC
Sign me up. -davidfg4
Hey! I love you guys (espically you tiwake!) and I want to join the competition. My folding name is Rainboom_Dash even though my username on this forum is Rainboom_Dash.
I'll help out as much as I can!  I'm going to pass on the prizes to give others a better chance.
I'm in (RoBorg)!

I wouldn't mind taking over the sigs if I can get access.
I already updated them a bit a while ago but I've not been around much recently and don't have access to the server.
Behold... the one... the only... EquineVincitOmnia (<-Name on Folding btw) and you can count me in.

EDIT: Name has been changed to EquineVincitOmnia
Hey! I love you guys (espically you tiwake!) and I want to join the competition. My folding name is Llisandur even though my username on this forum is Llisandur.

Copy->Paste FTW.
Hey! I love you guys (espically you tiwake!) and I want to join the competition. My folding name is PSFMer even though my username on this forum is PSFMer.

Thanks :p
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