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Full Version: Brony@Home is getting a table at Nightmare Nights!
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Here is the email
Quote:Hi there!  We're starting to go over vendor applications, and we came across yours.  It wasn't immediately clear from your application whether you plan to sell anything at the con.  Do you?  If you aren't selling anything tangible and are only promoting Brony@Home, then we can set you up with a table in our gallery (the atrium just outside mane events and the vendor hall).  Please let me know if that would be appropriate for you.  Thank you.

Loopy Logic

I replied back with
Quote:Hello! you are correct, I am not going to sell anything, just hand out posters for free to promote the Brony@Home group, for cancer research. Such a table would work for me. Does it cost any less?

Thanks for considering me :3
While this does not explicitly say we have a table for Brony@Home, it highly infers we will. I need your guys help with ideas. Table layout ideas, and any art made for it.
Please read my other thread about art ideas for promoting the group...

Seriously guys, we need good ideas for this stuff.
Quote:Greetings from Nightmare Nights Dallas, and congratulations! You have been selected to be a vendor at our convention.
1 vendor table in the gallery ($0, comped) -- includes one vendor badge
No table assistant badges
Total payment: $0
Doing last preparations for the convention. The print shop I'm getting more posters made at waited till the last week from when I told them I need them, hopefully they will not run into any issues with their printer. I don't have a camera so I can't take any pictures of the table, sorry Unsuresweetie

If anyone needs a room who wants to go, just PM me
Phew, handed out about 350 Brony@Home posters. We need to start gearing up for the competition. If people want to donate something to be given away to the competition, please PM me... It does not look like we will have a simi-automated method of prize distribution this time around.