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Full Version: Donation Page Back Online
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Greetings all!

As some may have noticed, I've been very inactive with maintaining the site, and only posting socially. One issue that has been around for a long time is the issue of the donations page. Due to me moving countries almost a year ago, PayPal seemed to have taken issue to this, and found it suspicious, opting to disable my account. Many phone calls and emails later, the account was restored, and I decided it would be best to disable the donations page here, in case any donations made would be permanently lost.

I've been using my PayPal account in Dubai for a long time now, and no further issues have arisen. Therefore, I feel I can continue using the account for receiving donations and as such, I've re-enabled the page, exactly as it was a year ago.

I'm hoping to get Bitcoin donations set up as well in the future, as per the recommendation of a couple of members, but I'll first need to figure out how it works. In the meantime, if anyone who donates comes across any issues with the page, let me know, and I'll work on it.
Will this be the avenue through which any B@H donations will be made (for contests, etc.), or is it specifically to support your maintenance of the site?
The latter. Prize donations are open to any form of communication. In the past, people have donated via IRC, PM, or even in the competition threads themselves.
About time!