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Made a few changes to the forums again. Nothing too major though.

- MJ12 forum closed
As the MJ12 project stopped allowing new users to join a long time ago, there's really no point to keeping this forum open. As such, it has been shut down and stored away for archiving.

-New 'Direct-Involvement Projects' forum
Did a bit of organising and opened this forum to house the threads for projects such as EyeWire and Zooniverse, which were originally located in the 'Other Projects' forum. There's nothing new here. Just shifted some threads around.

-Fixed incorrect URL on the FAQ page
There was a link pointing to the incorrect B@H team for World Community Grid. Sorted now.

That's it for now. Still haven't worked on the things in the previous post. I've been really neglecting this site, I know.
Couple of bug fixes and minor changes this time around:

-PM notification bar fixed
Previously, the bar that would appear below the navbar when a PM has been received had a bright background, making the white text impossible to see. Background has been adjusted to fit the forum's colour scheme. For some reason, it's missing the padding it once had, despite the property being in the CSS file. Something else I need to look in to.

-Favicon restored
One of the things that was broken in the infamous forum update has finally been restored

-Index page stats compacted
Just reduced the vertical space by simplifying the basic forum stats. May compact it further at a later stage.

Currently looking into some other issues. Integrated Twitter widgets don't seem to be working, but I don't think it's a problem on this end. Also working on getting that random fact display back. Originally it was a PHP file generating the strings, but I'm moving it over to JavaScript due to certain complications that came about once again from the forum update.
Site went down for about an hour, came back up ~20 minutes ago.
Got a nice update for you folks this time around!

- sigimage.php updated
Also known as the stat banners that display Folding or BOINC data for each user. After redoing quite a significant amount of code (thanks to RoBorg as well for cleaning up the mess that is my code, and making a few improvements of his own), the banners now have two new capabilities.

The original two functions of the banners were to display user and team information in either Folding@Home or BOINC. Now users have the ability to display both F@H and BOINC information. The tradeoff here is that team information needed to be removed to make space, so the banner will only show user data for the two projects.

Next is the addition of EyeWire stats. The data shown will include your score, number of completed cubes, how many trailblazes you have made, and your overall accuracy, which is the average between your L1 and L2 accuracies. In addition, the banner will also show your typical number of points earned per cube, and a percentage showing how often you get a trailblaze.

Now because there are four different modes you can set your banner to, differentiating between each project may take a few seconds of extra concentration. To help with this, the logo of the respective project is displayed behind the stats.

To help get you set up, the first post of the banner threads stickied at the top of the BOINC and F@H forums have also been updated, and a third thread placed in the Direct-Involvement Projects forum. All three threads are identical.

Now go have fun with those numbers!
Haven't done one of these in a while! Let's see what I can remember:

- sigimage.php updated to version 5.1.0
You've all seen the announcements by now, so a brief summary: Recoded the stat banners to comply with Extreme Overclocking's requirements, removed the transparent box and B@H text from banners to allow them to be generated by the code instead, and removed BOINC functionality. Planning on adding individual BOINC projects as new functions in the future instead. Additionally, EyeWire stats now show weekly points, rather than daily points.

- Show Related forum closed
I guess when I originally created that particular forum all those years ago, I was expecting more activity, similar to other MLP related forums. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a little disappointed, but I figured this forum caters to a more specific subject matter, and the show was just a catalyst, so to speak. Either way, I've archived most of the threads, and the remainder of the threads were moved to the other off-topic forum.

- Minor thread cleanup
Another one:

- Donation page updated
This page was in need of some much needed updating, as I had completely neglected...oh you know the drill by now. I've neglected everything! Anyway, it's one less thing to worry about.

- Donator statuses updated
11 people's statuses were changed to donator as a result of the above update. Apologies it took so long.

Let me know if I've missed anything.


- Profile options changed
I've removed subteams from the profile options, as they were outdated, and mostly handled by Selly, who I haven't seen in a while. Added fields to display BOINC and EyeWire usernames
Another short update:

- Random fact generator fixed
Couple of years ago, this feature broke, and I never got around to fixing it. Works now.

- Unread PM notifications bar padding issue fixed
Turns out the relevant CSS code was missing a space, and was never applied to the bar.

That's all.
So, it has come to my attention that there were a few things that have been broken for a while, which did not seem apparent on my end. Some of you might have been seeing PHP warning messages at the top of the page for...probably months, and I was only told about them recently. That issue is fixed.

Also, the Get More button for smilies had issues not appearing on screen, and potentially stopping scrolling from working. Turns out that during a core file update of the forums, some CSS somehow disappeared, which also caused the login form to appear at the bottom of the screen, instead of floating in the center. Also fixed.
After the previous domain name expired, the website is now hosted at and
The forums have also been updated to the latest version, and the theme has been set to the default to bring in newly added security features.
I was recently wondering if B@H was still around. Then I conveniently get an email Twilightsmile
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