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More updates:

- About Us page updated
I've gone through the About page and changed a few things to be more informative, and hopefully provide some details on each project so users won't have to visit every single project page to have an understanding of them. The scrolling list of projects which used to be in the third column in the first row is now removed, and replaced with a section on recommended projects, and the projects themselves are all underneath, categorised by their general project type (physical science, biological science, etc.). You can check it out here

- Support page updated
I know there have been a few people who knew absolutely nothing about how to install Folding@Home, or how to use BOINC, so I've redesigned the Support page to provide a proper guide, along with screenshots. So far this is only for Windows, though, and one or two things are still missing at this stage. Either way, check it out over here.

- Stat signature images might not be updated
I mentioned that I was going to look into expanding the stats to show BOINC stats, but it proved to be excessively complicated. I may still do it at some stage, but for now, this is going to be filed away as something low priority. In other news, for a little over a week, the images were not updating. This was my fault, caused by a directory rename which I thought I had made all the corrections on. After looking closely at the code again, I missed one, so that has been corrected now.

Next up:

- Support page will continue to be improved
As mentioned, there are a few things still missing, but I also want to continue making additions to it, such as adding a guide for running BOINC on a mobile. I should also get a Linux guide in there for both Folding@Home and BOINC, but that's low priority, since most people who can figure out Linux can figure out how to install these programs on it as well.

- About Us page project descriptions will be expanded upon
At the moment, there's a lot of generic descriptions for many of the projects, which I intend to spruce up as time progresses.
Well, I lied about what was next up. I haven't worked on either of those pages since my last post. My attention has been elsewhere.

- Minor backend code improvements for better security on the subteam page
Not much to say here. Just a bit of modernising for outdated code.

- Updated vaultimage.php
Now this is where I have been placing my focus on. Most of you are aware of the vaultimage.php image, I'm sure. It's the image showing the team's stats on multiple projects across the internet, from Folding@Home, to DIMES, to any of 34 total projects that have scores and ranks from the DC Vault website. The problem is that as time progresses, some projects finish, and some projects are added, which means that the stat files that vaultimage reads from will get changed. When this happens, I need to modify the code to accommodate these changes, so I have completely changed the code (along with a little help from PX9e over IRC) to read everything in the stats in a different way. Since there are more projects than there are lines, the extra, lower ranking projects are hidden. Thus, I've added another feature to vaultimage, where if you add "?sort=asc" to the end of the URL (ie, ), the sorting order is reversed, and so you see our worst projects first, providing a better visual on what should be focused on. Here's a comparison:

[Image: vaultimage.php] [Image: vaultimage.php?sort=asc]

- Random fact display updated
Five new facts regarding astronomy have been added to the random fact display at the top of the page.

EDIT: Also, I am aware of the 'Last Updated' bug. Not sure if it's a temporary issue just yet. EDIT2: Yes it was.
Small, but significant update today!

- sigimage.php updated
After a lot of blood, sweat and tears (mostly the latter), the second version of sigimage.php has finally been released. I've done some backend things to it, such as code optimisation, but that's just boring stuff you folks don't care about. No, what you're all hopefully interested in is the additional functionality I have added to it. The previous version was restricted to showing just Folding@Home stats, but this version allows you to choose either Folding@Home, or your overall BOINC stats. Appearance-wise, there's not much of a difference:


[Image: sigimage.php?w=2828648&t=81403693&b=octavia2]


[Image: sigimage.php?u=601869&t=212997&b=octavia2]

I've changed the 'User' label to show wither 'F@H User' or 'BOINC User' to easily differentiate between whichever one is being used, but there is also another small difference. The F@H version shows in the last field how many points were generated so far today, but the BOINC one shows how many ranks the team has risen today instead.

Instructions on how to use the BOINC banner can be found here.

Be sure to report any bugs, if they crop up.
Couple of updates:

- PonyvilleLive! banner changed
As you can see, the PVL banner up top has changed significantly. Turns out that nobody noticed that for over one and a half years, the banner was showing the same old information, never actually updating. This was partly my fault, because I had the file locally on the server, instead of sourcing from the PVL website, but in my defence, I was told that I could do this. Only about a month ago did I start suspecting something was up (despite once being an avid pony radio listener, I haven't bothered in a looooong time). For the time being, I've switched to the working version, but I do plan to see what I can do to tweak the banner.

- Subteams page (finally) updated
I've been meaning to do this one for a very long time. Our subteam page was originally coded by Selly in a language I have never worked with, and the stats would be updated by Selly locally from his computer. Unfortunately, this was not the most reliable method, and it turns out Selly was lazy (#blameselly) and let the stats become outdated by several weeks. Either way, I wanted to have more control over the look and functions of the subteams page, so I coded a similar page in PHP, and made a few extra changes, as outlined below:

-- All subteams now have an image above them
-- The subteam leaderboard table now spans the full width of the page
-- Tables initially sorted by PPD (users can still sort by whatever column they want)
-- 'Last updated' indicator at the bottom of the page

Subteam page linky
Hey guys, been a while since I've done a site update. Those things are a nightmare to do on my laptop back in Dubai, so I figured I'd take the opportunity to get it done on my old computer while on holiday back in Sweden.

Please report anything that's broken. There will be several things to patch up. Looks like the updates have broken a lot of the images, so those will all need to be fixed. That's all that I'm currently aware of which is in need of fixing.
[Image: eTgCv8a.png] The icons seem to have disappeared for me. Strangely, it's only on the main page. If I click on one, they'll show up then.

Also, many buttons seem to have disappeared. Like the ones lining the bottom of posts(edit, reply, etc). And the green Online border on posts. Offline border is fine.
I'll clear my cache and see if that fixes it though.
Higg was trying to change some things last night, and it messed up for some reason. He's gone to bed, so I guess he'll work on it later.
Yeah, the majority of issues caused by the update seem to be just that some images disappeared. The text versions of those buttons are still there underneath posts, so they still function.

My plan is to get an entirely new theme built around the new version, then edit the colours to replicate the current theme. Hopefully this will be done soon, but there has been a bit of an issue in that any changes I make to the CSS does not make a difference on the site.
You sure cloudflare isn't caching the css? Cause I know it can do that.
I disabled it last night and the problems still persisted. This morning I found that the changes I made had finally gone through. Will continue to experiment.
Alright, slight progress made. The read/unread icons on the index page have been restored. I'm going to try fixing the buttons underneath every post next, but over the time that this forum has been running, the updates rolled out by the developers have changed the code around in certain places, causing outdated themes such as the one made here to...well, break.

Sometime in the future, a second major version of these forums will be released by the developers. The major overhaul will render all first version themes unusable. Not looking forward to that day. Until then, I will keep trying to run this forum with the current theme, and crudely patching things up where I can.
Making progress. Online/offline images restored, as well as all but one post control button.

Also, it has very recently come to my attention that people are unable to register, so I've been manually creating accounts for people. Everyone is saying that some spam detection on the forum is stopping them from signing up. I've disabled that feature, but people still have issues. Perhaps things might start working again in a few hours, considering that it takes so long for CSS changes to be seen after I change them. If it doesn't work...hell, I don't know. Back up the database storing all posts and user information, then reinstall the entire forum, I suppose. Hoping it won't come to that.

EDIT: I think I might have fixed the registration issue...

EDIT: Oh, and I just noticed that the formatting buttons for replies and new threads are also missing, and the smilies don't work...

[Image: luna_is_not_amused_by_argeri-d4sluox.png]
I can understand css being cached as it is changed very infrequently, but any actual pages are dynamic and are not really possible to cache. I would think any changes like that would take effect immediately.
This doesn't look to be a caching issue. Any and all form of caching is disabled and forced off. Altering the CSS in the control panel takes hours for the changes to appear, but altering the HTML in another part of the control panel will give instant results, including changing values within a HTML tag's style attributes.
Well, it's been a good long while since the forums were reinstalled and the new theme and layout were built. Looks like things are stable.

I've gone ahead and fixed the majority of the issues in the relevant thread over on the Site Bugs forum. There's only a few more things left to restore, such as the random fact generator, the PVL banner, the footer links, the + and - from the like button, and the old online/offline indicators.

Been busy with IRL things, but I did manage to do one more thing. In the past, it has been suggested a couple of times that the donation page should include the ability to donate using Bitcoins. After doing some research into how Bitcoins work (and I'm still a little unsure with certain things), and the resulting few weeks wait while the whole thing synchronised, I've finally added the necessary code to make BTC donations possible. That said, it has not been tested yet, so give it a couple of days.
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