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Competitions, Support, and Statistics pages have been updated to the new layout.

Slowly slowly getting there.
Subteams.php has been updated to the new design, despite the text at the top still looking like shit.

(c'mon Hiig, 1:1:1 does not work when the third column has about 5% as much content as the other two)
(2013-07-06, 04:33:10 AM)Sellyme Wrote: [ -> ]Subteams.php has been updated to the new design, despite the text at the top still looking like shit.

(c'mon Hiig, 1:1:1 does not work when the third column has about 5% as much content as the other two)

Getting a broken image there: /Images/about1.png is 404
Apart from that, looking good Yay
That's because about1 was an old placeholder I used (which was intended to be used on the About page). The image doesn't exist anymore. I'm going to have to look at the code later on to make adjustments.
Site updates! Have at you!

- 'Thanks' buttons are now 'Like'
It was silly to have 'Thanks', I know. That's how the add on came, so I had to modify it. The buttons should now show 'Like', and liked posts will show who liked it, instead of who thanked it. Also, simplified the information under each poster's avatar. Before, it used to show how many likes you gave out, and how many likes in how many posts you have received. The former is rather superfluous, so I did away with that completely, and the latter is simplified to just showing how many likes you have received, without any info on which posts in particular (also another similarly useless measurement).

Those wondering why I made the change: A 'Like' is more general, than a 'Thanks'. You would use the latter for a post that was useful to you, but the former can be used for that, as well as other things. It's more community-oriented, if you will.

- Non forum pages updated behind the scenes
Nothing really new as far as the average user is concerned. I just cleaned up the code, so now everything is completely valid, and then performed some optimisations to keep page loading times to a minimum. Inlining javascript, using image sprites, simplifying external CSS from 3 files to 2...boring stuff that has no meaning to most, but should hopefully be beneficial to all. Also, Selly updated his subteam code to conform to the new site layout.
And to add to that, the subteams script now sorts automatically! Every single subteam table should be sorted from most points to least, without me having to manually fix it ^^
Been lazy recently (plus IRL stuff). Have some tiny updates:

- PVL banner fixed
As some of you have noticed in the past few weeks, the PonyvilleLive! banner has been showing 'Loading' in the song information fields for every station, and nothing else. This was a problem on PVL's end, but it was a simple fix. I just had to redirect the source of the code to another place. PVL has been updating their code, and I don't think they are finished, either, so I may have to re-update it. No worries, either way!

- Additional work on the mobile site
The non-forum pages have always had a mobile version, but I had always neglected it. In the past, I just made settings to adjust the width of things on the pages to be more mobile-friendly, but this time, I also set things, so that the pages have a single-column layout, instead of 3, as is the case with larger devices. Of course, there are still a few problems. I need to fix the horizontal lines. In the single-column mode, they appear to be places irregularly. Nothing particularly hard to fix, but it will take me about half an hour to go through everything, so I'm just going to procrastinate on that for a bit. The other issue is that the sub-team page looks...well, I'd call it ugly, but it's not really that bad. Just need to fix the widths of the sub-team tables, and center-align them.

That's all, folks!

-Mobile site nearly complete
I mentioned previously that there were still a few things left to iron out of the mobile site. More or less everything now looks the way it should, and the table issue on the subteam page is now fixed. The last thing that needs to be done is to fix the horizontal lines, so that they appear under each subteam table, rather than every second one. Selly will have to do that, because the HTML for the tables is generated by a script in another language that I am unfamiliar with. In addition, I have adjusted the settings, so that the site switches to mobile mode at a width of 600 pixels or less, as opposed to 500.

- New web-based IRC
IRC is still located at the same place, but the client that the web-based IRC uses has been changed from the old Mibbit one, to the one Canternet uses.

- WCG forum renamed to BOINC, and repurposed
Despite the popularity of the WCG project, we don't have much activity in the forum (most users are from Reddit, and tend to stay there). Therefore, the old World Community Grid forum will now take on the role of a general BOINC forum, and will be used for discussions relating to both the BOINC program, and all projects that run on it.

- Four new projects added to our stats board
Seventeen or Bust, Docking@Home, The Lattice Project, and ABC@Home are now visible on our stats. With the exception of Seventeen or Bust, which is a standalone project, they run under BOINC.

- Fixed incomplete instructions in the MJ12 installation guide
I made a mistake, leaving out a step in the installation of Mono for 32-bit users. Fixed now.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to do more stuff...
Minor updates:

- Automatic video centering for youtube and yt tags
Pretty self-explanatory. Users don't have to do anything different. If you wish to place a video specifically on the left, you can continue to do so with the default video=youtube tag, or place the youtube or yt tags inside alignment tags.

- 404 page created
If you end up on a nonexistent page, you should now get redirected to a custom 404 page. So far, I haven't done much with it, but I'll fix it up as time allows.

- Small change to PM notifications
It has come to my attention that PM notifications were hard to see for some, given that the only real notification for unread messages was an extra line under the navbar, with the same colours as the rest of the page. Blended in a little too much. So, I changed the colours to something a little more eye-catching, but hopefully not too annoying on the eyes, by swapping out the blue gradient background, for a silver one, with black font, and a small blinking icon on the left side.

Next up, I'm going to try and redesign the vaultimage.php image, so that the projects are all automatically sorted by score. In the past, Selly manually updated the code once or twice (maybe more that I'm unaware of), but hopefully it won't be necessary, once I'm done. So far, the code redesign has cut the file size down by two thirds, too (not that this is important to users...just a side note).
(2013-09-03, 01:47:04 AM)hiigaran Wrote: [ -> ]Next up, I'm going to try and redesign the vaultimage.php image, so that the projects are all automatically sorted by score. In the past, Selly manually updated the code once or twice (maybe more that I'm unaware of), but hopefully it won't be necessary, once I'm done. So far, the code redesign has cut the file size down by two thirds, too (not that this is important to users...just a side note).

...yeah, a bit more than that. I have 35 recorded reuploads of that php file.

Looked in to doing that myself, but while I can do it with Python pretty easily, I don't know quite enough about PHP to know what the best method of sorting an array of tuples would be.
Well then...only slightly more than I thought...
Did more stuff. Have info on my stuff:

-vaultimage.php updated
I mentioned before that I was going to change the code to allow all projects to be sorted automatically by their score. After a bit of fiddling around, I managed to pull it off. Lovely side effect is that it now makes it easier for me to update it, whenever we get a new project to add to the list.

-Derpibooru image randomiser
Originally a product of an idle mind, but after I got a near instant positive feedback from several people, I decided to improve upon the crude function and dedicate a page to it. You'll find the link here, as well at up top on the navbar, on the right side as a link called 'Bored?'. If you have any suggestions on improving it, feel free to make a thread in the RFS forum. As a preemptive response, no I cannot link the random pages via iframe, or display just the images themselves for several reasons I will not go into in this page.

-Navbar updated
In addition to an additional link for the image randomiser, I have also changed 'View Today's Posts' to just 'Today's Posts', and also modified the PM link by removing the total PM count (unnecessary info), and leaving just the unread messages indicator.

-Minor page updates
In some browsers, the PonyvilleLive! banner may show a scrollbar. This was because I had set the banner to the wrong size. A simple 5 pixel increase in height fixed that. To compensate for the extra height, I reduced the padding, so there is less of a gap between the banner and the top/bottom. A nice side-effect is that the B@H logo is now slightly larger, too.
Not much this time around, but still some noteworthy updates:

-New 404 page
As lovely as it was to see Medic's ubersaw in Selly's OC's ass, I figured it was better to have an image on that page that was more suited to this site and its theme. So now, you lovely folks can browse pages that don't exist, and learn a valuable lesson in using the appropriate safety equipment in a lab! Linky to 404 page. Original image below:

As much as I'd like to say this was all me, the pony shape was traced from another image. At least I can make a semi-decent table and Bunsen flame!

-Derpibooru randomiser page updated
This one is old news for those of you who have been using the page frequently, but since I roll out these announcements in batches, there is a delay. Anyway, just some minor CSS updates in the margin and padding for the links. The extra padding gives a larger hit area, and combined with the margin, you can middle click the links like a maniac, without missing a link. Also fixed a bug where any link on the page would open a new tab, even outside the randomiser.

That's all for now. I'll be working on some additional minor content updates, mainly due to the recent competition, and hopefully if I have enough free time, I should be able to roll out a few extra features. I've been meaning to figure out how to code a new Youtube tag to allow users to begin the video at a specific time, and the SteamID fields in profiles really need a fixing. At some point, I'll also refine the randomiser. It's small and simple, but rather crude at this stage.

- Youtube videos can now be posted at a specified start time
Want to post a long video, but only because of one small part somewhere in the middle? Here's how:

[yt start=*seconds*]*video ID*[/yt]
[yt start=55]Qxc_3jTzoic[/yt]

Which results in:

Unfortunately, coding it to allow users to simply paste the entire video page URL involves delving deep into the parser code. Perhaps one day I'll do it, but for now, it's not that important.

- PVL banner bug fix
Some of you may have noticed that some stations shown on the PVL banner appear to have been showing such outdated info as BronyCAN's opening ceremonies. There was simply an update to the code on PVL's end that I was unaware of.

- Non forum page updates
Small update to the content on the About page. It now mentions video cards are prizes in competitions. Also, the Thanks page was updated to show the major donations for the plushies and the video cards from the most recent competition. In addition, the Thanks page images all use image sprites now, so loading times and general download sizes should be smaller. Not that these are significant, but I like to report all updates, no matter how small, just to keep a record.
Haven't had any updates in a while. Not a lot at the moment, but I'm hoping to start rolling out more updates in the near future. For now, though:

- Non-forum pages modernised for HTML5
When I first made the site, I was very persistent about coding it to be as compatible as possible for as many systems as I could. I've abandoned that idea, partly because anyone who can't upgrade to a better browser probably won't be able to join us anyway (or I suppose it could mean they are at work). In any case, some behind-the-scenes changes have happened. All but one of these changes won't be seen. Just using HTML5 features, causing the page sizes to become smaller and faster to load. The navbar is all that has changed. Before, there was a bug on smaller screens, where one or two buttons would drop to the next line, breaking the layout. Now it's justified in alignment, and adapts well to screen changes.

- Small forum CSS changes
I've also made a start on fixing a few other backend things regarding the CSS. Gradient effects on the forums are caused by a gradient image that is stretched or compressed to fit the height of wherever it's meant to be, and then tiled horizontally to fill out the element. That has been replaced with CSS3 gradient background properties, reducing server requests, and subsequently, loading times. I've also started compacting the CSS, again, to reduce size and loading times. People on fast internet probably won't notice anything at all, but hopefully those on slower speeds (and those who have their connections saturated by MJ12) will appreciate it.

What's in the works:

- Non-forum pages will be further updated
This one has been long overdue. I've been meaning to update the pages so that I have proper guides for existing things, and new guides on things such as installing BOINC, tweaking each platform, and providing information on every single project we are involved in, so that new users need not click through all the links in the 'About Us' page to get an understanding for each one. I'm not exactly looking forward to doing that! I'm hoping to get this done partly so that we can do some more recruiting and reduce the number of potential members who may be confused or in the dark about certain things.

- Stat signature images might be updated
This one still has a big question mark on it, but I'm hoping to update our sig banners so that users may choose to display their stats in other projects. I haven't decided whether to go for adding individual project stats for every single project (this would be a nightmare to do), or to one for a user's combined points in BOINC projects.
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