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Don't bother. I've tried using max-width on the CSS before. It doesn't work, and I have no idea why.
I know for a fact that it should work, though, BAU uses it.
Well prod and poke Cam until he reveals his secrets.

[Image: Revealyoursecrets.jpg]
(2013-03-28, 01:04:23 AM)Sellyme Wrote: [ -> ]
(2013-03-27, 08:50:09 PM)hiigaran Wrote: [ -> ]I never touched the HTML for images. I do change the HTML for certain things, such as when I removed the user-choice thread icons (that was a nightmare), but for images? Nope. Just CSS. That's exactly why I used that plugin to resize the images.

Not the HTML for images, the HTML for the post container around them.

Quote:Out of curiosity, what is it about the plugin that makes it shitty? I'm aware that it takes a moment after the page has fully loaded for the resizing to work, but is there anything else?

That makes it shitty on its own. There's also the fact that it uses an asston of CPU, and the "click to open fullscreen" thing is just stupid.

(2013-03-27, 11:34:26 PM)Luis_GT Wrote: [ -> ]
(2013-03-27, 03:46:14 PM)Sellyme Wrote: [ -> ]Ctrl+Shift+R: I updated the CSS, you probably have it cached.

nope... still nothing on both my desktop and laptop.

What browser are you using?

Works perfectly fine in Chrome for me.

[Image: ZUWu7vd.jpg]
Minor updates:

- More folding sigs
Celestia, Rarity, Pinkie, and a second Twilight banner have all been added. Head on over to the sig thread to check them out.

- Minor issue with Octavia banner fixed
Barely noticeable problem which I overlooked. The background image has a smudge effect applied to it, and I missed the very top line.

- Distributed Computer of the Month renamed
Yes, it was silly sounding (blame Selly), and coupled with the fact that the original name was too long to put as a link at the top, we went with the unoriginal, but tried and tested 'Member of the Month'.

Not much, this time around, but with the OC business wrapping itself up in the next few days, I'm hoping to announce much more significant news.
Some more updates:

- Main site updated
The B@H homepage has been updated to reduce clutter. The wall of text for the projects that F@H and WCG participate in have been moved to the About page, along with a couple of videos for each project. Also, minor bug on the FAQ page fixed, where one of the internal links did not work.

- B@H OC
Rather redundant that I mention this, considering how many times it has been mentioned already, but for the sake of formality...

- Derpibooru Ad
With the completion of the OC, I could finally get started on the ad I have been wanting to place in DB. With any luck, we should be able to draw in a few victims members.

- New markup
I was surprised that there was no markup available for internal linking (ie, click a link and it sends to to a certain section on the same page). For more information on how to use the markup, visit the markup help document.

-Forum updated
The core forum files have been updated. Be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary in terms of bugs. Visually, the forums should look the same. The forum update merely contained security fixes.

- One new folding sig
Added a Zecora banner, as per the request of a user.

- Image width bug fixed
Since the forum update I mentioned in my previous post, the limitation that kept images from stretching the screen horizontally somehow broke. Fixed now.

- Replaced default avatars with MLP ones
Deleted all the generic images, and simply put images of the Mane 6 in their places. You can find these avatars in User CP > Change Avatar > Default Gallery

- Beta version of automated DC Vault stat display released
For the past few weeks, I have been working on an automated stat-gathering script that displays scores and positions from all projects Brony@Home participates in. It should be more or less functional, and working as expected, displaying stats, and updating on a roughly 24 hour basis. The font, and image background will eventually be changed to something more suitable, but in the meantime, there's no reason not to release this version. Eventually, it will be displayed on the main pages. Nothing is set in stone, but I'm hoping to place them on the homepage and/or the stats page.
(and you have no idea how much help I needed on this one)
I've been neglecting the main site (ie, non forum parts of the site) lately. Been meaning to fix a lot of things and redesign it. It's going to take a while, but I have knocked a few things out already. Plus some other updates, so here we go again...

- Removed the background image on the main site pages
The Folding is Magic logo was rather outdated, considering we have long since branched out from simply folding. That, and since placing ads on the main pages, it looks ugly on some of the lower resolutions.

- Transparency removed from the content area on the main site pages
The transparency was really only there to see the aforementioned logo. No point having it, now that the logo is gone. Also, older browsers don't seem to like transparent images, or transparent CSS colour settings, and I'm rather OCD about browser compatibility.

- Added borders to the navbar, content, and footer sections on the main site pages
To keep a consistent site theme across the main site and forums, I went ahead and did this. Consistency aside, it looks a little better. At least, in my opinion.

- Footer elongated to take up entire row on the main site pages
Again, this was done because it looks better, and more consistent.

- Gradient background added to navbar and footer on the main site pages
Once again, consistency and aesthetics.

- Added the DC Vault stat image to the About page
You will now see these stats underneath the videos that float to the right side of the About page.

- Minimum width imposed on the main site pages
After noticing that the Fillydelphia Radio banner overlapped the B@H logo, I needed to put this minimum width setting in, to fix the overlapping issue. I also needed to fiddle around with the CSS, as one made the other unclickable. Fixed now, of course.

- Changed the background colour of table heads and footers in the forums
This should only be a noticeable change if you perform a ctrl + f5, or the page is not cached. Before, when a non cached image would load, you would see black coloured table heads and footers, before the gradient background would load for the head/footer. This just makes the colour change smaller, but as far as normal usage is concerned, there should be no difference seen here.
I just pushed a massive update for the Folding@Home subteams script.

Recently, our login methods to the server were changed from simple passwords to using pubkey authentication. As such, my Python script (for which I can not for the life of me work out how to get using pubkey auth) has not been functional for a fairly long time.

Well, I just set up the script on the server, and initiated a cron job to run it every 3 hours. In addition, I went through and re-ordered everyone by points, and added about a dozen users who were in the subteam join request queue that I really need to check more than once every 6 months.

Anyway, long story short, the subteams page is now functional, and up to date. The submission form still works and I'll be checking it daily now. It will update exactly 30 minutes after EO does (that is, ~18 minutes after this post was submitted).
Well, as you folks may have noticed, Ponyville Live! is now an affiliate. Hopefully the mutual advertising will benefit both of us. Still some tiny little issues to work on with the banner up top, but they aren't major issues.

You may have also noticed a random fact appearing at the top of every page, when refreshing/loading another page. Got a small list of biology-related facts on a randomiser. Only about 10 or 15 at the moment, but I plan to expand the list at a later stage. I also plan on improving how it is displayed, too.
Minor updates:

- PayPal donation button fixed
Recently, I was made aware that when clicking the donate button, the user is taken to a page in Swedish, rather than English. Since I am located in Sweden, I suppose it defaulted to that, even though I had set my settings to English. All fixed now. Just had to add a little bit of code to the button, so it's all good now!

- Random fact feature updated
As you can see, the random facts are now displayed in a field of their own, with a background and border. Two more facts have been added in, and hopefully more to come. All these facts will be mainly centered around F@H related things, but I will include a few facts from other projects we are involved in, as time progresses. Also, fiddled around with the HTML around the fact randomiser, to reduce the amount of vertical space taken up.

- Non forum pages updated
A major problem with the main site (non forum pages) is that they aren't too mobile friendly. I've taken the first steps towards alleviating that problem, by introducing a second CSS, and coding which will use either one, depending on whether the browser window width is more than 500px, or equal to/less than 500px. Older browsers which are incompatible with the coding should still see the standard CSS (and if you have an older browser, shame on you!), so everything should be working.
It's been a long time coming, but I finally got around to doing it. I finally redesigned the front page. So far, I've heard positive feedback, and it appears to be easier on the eyes, takes up less space, and hopefully brings the point across in a more effective manner than the previous design.

I'm going to see if I can replicate the design, or use a similar one on the other pages.
Alright, the About and FAQ pages have been redesigned. Moving on to the Competitions page. Ugh, still plenty of work to do...

But it's funny how a few small images can liven up the page.
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