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Brony@Home Signature/Stat Banners

The Longer B@H has been around, the more our familiar stat banners have increased in functionality to accommodate different users and display more varied data. Naturally, this has resulted in added complexities. As such, a proper manual is provided below to help you understand the banner's capabilities, and how to use each feature.

How it works:

The stat banners are known as dynamically-generated images. This is created with a file running certain code to display varying data and features, which are influenced by the variables inputted by users. Here is a simplified outline of what the code does when you load an image:
  1. Read the variables in the image URL defined by the user
  2. Check data files stored on server for age. If data is older than 3 hours, download new data from stat sites
  3. Create the base image chosen by the user from the URL variables
  4. Display relevant data by printing it on top of the image


The banners will display information, based on which project is selected to source data from. The following are currently available to choose from:
  • Folding@Home: Displays user and team name, rank in team and overall, points and rank of team, and total and daily points
  • EyeWire: Displays user name, points, cubes completed and trailblazes made in EyeWire, overall accuracy, points per cube, and trailblaze frequency (percentage of cubes you submit that are trailblazed).

Additional projects may be added in the future, or upon request.

Image URL Formats:

Displaying these banners is like displaying any other kind of image. You have a URL, and you add it to wherever it needs to be placed, such as between image tags in HTML or forum markup. The formats for the four modes are as follows:



Your username will obviously be the name you have been using for the relevant project.


Here is where you get to choose your banner's appearance. Each image will have an image name which you can use in the URL. For users who wish to request a different banner, such as one with an OC, send me a PM. Include a link to all graphical resources.


Using this information, here are some examples of how the banners should work, when I input my user details:


My artistic talents don't really go past cropping, scaling, and moving parts of images around, so clearly, none of these were originally made by me. Below are the artists of the original images used in some of the above images:

changeling1 background
fluttershy1 background
luna2 background

Data Sources:

The following URLs are the locations used by the script to obtain your information:

Extreme Overclocking, old URL:
Extreme Overclocking, new URL:

* = Unique user ID created by Extreme Overclocking. This is not the same as the unique ID from Stanford's servers (F@H servers). Can be found on your EOC user page in the address bar
** = Your username
*** = Your team number


* = Your username

If you need any help, make a post, and I can get the URL set up for you.
Can the one i made for my OC be added?

i made it myslef
The template has changed slightly, so it would be easier if you gave me the image of the OC itself, so that I can put it on the current template. << there is a folder of all the images i have of her. Her name is Terble Clef :P
Ahh, I can't find the one exactly like the one in your previous post. Will this one do?

Any particular background you want, or do you want the simple gradient that the other sig had? << there it is - it was made for me by that user - and i have permission to use it as its my disgn and stuffles.

And i dont really mind about the background - as long as its not pink!
Had to get a little...creative, but I've replicated the original banner as much as I could:

[Image: sigimage.php?u=630792&t=212997&b=guitaristemily]

All you have to do to get it to work is to put the 'b' value in to the URL, which is just your user name.
Thank you!

It looks better!
No worries!
Two more banners have been added to the list: applejack1 and vinylscratch1


I'm working on getting more, but between playing TF2 and lazing around and doing nothing, I just don't have the time to focus on this more.
Make a rainbow dash one please? Something along those lines? The website will turn 20% cooler, no jokes.
I'll give it a shot later tonight!

EDIT: How's this?

[Image: sigimage.php?u=601869&t=212997&b=rainbowdash1]

You'll need your Extreme Overclocking ID to use it, though. You should have one shortly after returning your first work unit. If you can't find your ID, tell me what your user name is, and I'll find it for you.
Done! Pinkiehappy
Have another dashie:

[Image: rainbowdash2.png]

I originally created that design as a way to show what kind of pose I think would look good as a replacement for the image in the top left, with an OC instead of dash, but I figured it would look good as a sig, so here you go!
Finally got around to getting the Celestia banner done:

[Image: celestia1.png]

Took so long because I couldn't find a good enough background. At least, until I remembered Aurora Borealis.
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