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Full Version: Babscon 2015
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I'm just finding out about this, but as of right now (11-24-2014) I have a day or two to decide if I/we want a fan table to hoof out posters, as thats when the applications close. I think I'm going to go for it, because fun. However it would be nice if somebody helped out, and possibly have more for the table besides just one poster.

Anyway, here is the thread about it on the babscon forum
I was hoping it would be on the east coast. California is just a tad too far from PA. If we have any events somewhere over this way, I would gladly join and make some goodies to hand out.
I'm not planning on being there, I'll already be at EFNW and Bronycon.
Derp, this was a reply from everfree NW... I'll put this in a spoiler thing and continue waiting for babscon.
I will be there it will be my second Brony convention I have been too.
Quick babscon update... We are getting a 3'x6' table. Later today hopefully I'll get some (a few? some? most? all?) of the 1000 copies of the poster printed for the table. I want to order a custom shirt for myself with one of the folding ponies on it while standing behind the table (anyone know of a good website to buy this?).

The table needs more stuff, at least a short summary thing printed in big letters about what Brony@Home is, then maybe another one with a longer summary. Mostly something to describe what it is so I don't have to lose my voice saying the same thing.

[Image: IMG_4666.JPG]

A shirt I had made for babscon. Leaving tomorrow morning (april 2nd) and driving for 12 hours to get there. I'll post pictures of our table as soon as I can (probably after the convention).
Hey, that's not bad at all! Looking forward to those photos!
oh my gosh, I gave away most of the posters I brought with me (325) and met some people I really did not expect to ever seen again. Keep an eye out for new folding ponies, as I'm sure there will be some.

This is tiwake, signing out from day 2 of babscon.