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Full Version: Tactical Formula BOINC contributions
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At the suggestion of Sellyme, I'm attempting to maximize our score on Formula BOINC.

It's an interesting ranking system, details are on their homepage:

This is tricky because small projects that look like good candidates for a boost typically only have sporadic work units.

I'm tracking things on a spreadsheet over here:
I check every week or two and see how things are doing. It takes a while to see how many points I can generate on certain projects.

So far the main thing I've done is to bump Wanless Mersenne up from rank 10 to 3, giving us 14 more points, and help bump Sztaki from rank 12 to 10, giving 1 more point. (Sellyme did half the work there.)

If anyone has any suggestions feel free to chime in!
Oh. I think its inetersting