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Below is an image detailing all of our projects in the DC-Vault, our position in them, and whether we've gone up or down in position/points over the last 24 hours.

Up until recently, this was manually updated, and the posts below are kept as an archive of those manual updates.

[Image: vaultimage.php]
24 hours later, and we've had a good first day of recorded stats in the vault, with increases almost across the board.

[Image: WlbUV.png]

As you can see, our only project to suffer today was Einstein@Home, with 3 positions lost. Not to worry though, I've chucked a WU on my BOINC install, which should get that back and more. Our SETI@Home team has been the biggest gainer, but that was also the team with the most improvement to be made, so no surprises there.

The World Community Grid team has, perhaps benefiting from a reminder post on r/mylittlepony celebrating 300 years of computation, catapulted itself up two positions and into 110th, chasing down the Folding@Home team's score.

But here's where it's interesting. Using a special weighted mathematical formula that I'm not revealing, every day I'll announce the team that has made the biggest improvement in the day. Nothing really special, but it's some nice stats showing where our contributions are having the biggest effect. And, today's project of the day, by a significant margin is....



Moving on to our subsection stats, we have made significant point improvements in Physical Science and Miscellaneous, while going up 6 places in the former and 1 place in Mathematics.

[Image: qCdPQ.png]

Overall we are still ranked 213th with 54,129.642 points, 423.37 more than yesterday.

[Image: 9Grnl.png]

I'd also like thoughts on these updates. What should I do with them? Anything you can think of to add or improve? Just post your suggestions!
Another day, another stats update. This time, we've had a huge increase in points, again with only one project dropping any.

[Image: Uv2zE.png]

Although our Seti@Home team did drop, this was at little expense, especially given the absolutely phenomenal points gains on MilkyWay@Home and Einstein@Home. Climate Prediction also received a significant points boost.

However, that being said, using my exceedingly complex and not-at-all-copied-straight-out-of-a-year-10-statistics-test formula, our project of the day is...



No surprise, really.

[Image: HaWzV.png]

With Einstein@Home and MilkyWay@Home getting such huge points boosts, and both being in Physical Science, there was never any doubt that that'd be biggest subsection improvement, completely dwarfing all others. Physical Science is still our worst category by position, but at this rate it won't be long before that changes.

Overall we are now ranked 205th, an impressive 8 positions higher than yesterday, with 56,965.283 points, 2,836.181 more than the last update.

[Image: Zl8fc.png]

Impressive figures, everypony! Let's see if we can do even better today :D
Apologies for the gap in updates, I was at a meetup. This update covers all happenings since the last one, 4 days worth.

[Image: 6Nzkn.png]

Didn't do too well this time around, with two projects dropping points. However, on the flipside, we went up at least one position in 8 different projects, which is highly impressive! Completely unsurprisingly, thanks to the 1,644 points increase, our Project of the way more than three days is...


[Image: uCMoh.png]

Once again, Physical Science was by far our largest improver. Also notable, however, is our position in Miscellaneous, which is approaching Top 100 status!

Overall we are now ranked 203rd, 2 positions higher than last update, with 58,842.434 points, a whole 1,877.151 more than before.

[Image: FL8jJ.png]

Our Seti team needs a bit more support, but apart from that we're doing great. Good work, everypony!
And it's another daily update, now with 20% less delays!

[Image: AEdaH.png]

Once again Einstein@Home dropped points, with Seti@Home recording a small improvement, but nothing particularly notable. Folding@Home and WCG continued their slow but steady crawl up the leaderboards, and once again MilkyWay@Home got a significant boost, with PrimeGrid and Majestic-12 also having a nice jump in points. However it was the Dimes team that really stood out today, looking to get into the top 100 of its project before F@H or WCG does, and rapidly racking up the points tally, despite already being more than 92% of the way to the absolute limit. Even with such little improvement to be made the Dimes team is absolutely flying up the leaderboard, which is why the project of the day is...


[Image: GH2fb.png]

Once again, the Miscellaneous subsection is creeping ever closer to the top 100, with all areas gaining points. Thanks to the huge gains of MilyWay@Home we're making steady progress by points in PHysical Science, but due to the large number of projects in that category we're not yet participating in, it's not gaining us much ground on the leaderboards. We'll have to look into further expanding our coverage. I'm going to look at starting a yoyo@home team for 75% coverage of the Misc category today.

Overall we are still ranked 203rd, with 59192.110 points, just 349.676 more than last update.

[Image: dk1qT.png]

I'd recommend putting a computer or two on Seti and Einstein@Home for a few days.
When are you going to resume Vault Daily Updates? Despite my decided lack of participation in anything other than folding right now, the status of other teams is interesting.
Selly is away for two days, so these won't get done until then.
Yeah, will update them tonight.
About time I did another one of these. Just a quick update to get us back on track, no prose.

[Image: T5hZ9SN.png]

Small losses in some projects, but huge gains in most. Remember this is over the course of more than a month (last update was January 4). Our project of the day month is...


[Image: 2M39t0J.png]

As you can see, we're not doing very well with Mathematical projects.

We're currently ranked 174th, 14 positions higher than last month, with 82,250.912 points, 10,082.896 more than when we last updated.

[Image: j3HQHBt.png]

Collatz, yoyo, and Rosetta could use more help.
Here we go again.

[Image: Zh6V5d8.png]

Once again a fairly strong day. Rosetta@Home is looking to be a strong project in the future, with Einstein@Home still growing quickly. It seems that our MilkyWay@Home team is finding it harder and harder to move up the leaderboards. Also noticeable is that our SZTAKI and yoyo@home teams have completely stagnated in production, and DIMES and Majestic-12 are increasing very slowly. I know we can get more DIMES output, it uses no CPU, GPU, or bandwidth, so there's no reason for anyone to not be running it. That being said, our Project of the Day is...


[Image: nY1t5Xn.png]

Gains across the board for the four subsections, but only a single position gain in Physical Science to show for it.

We are now ranked 173rd, 1 position higher than yesterday. This is with a total of 82,957.330 points, a daily gain of 706.418.

[Image: 2rpLpuM.png]

We're coming for you, Sweden.
Updating 10 hours late whee

[Image: ZJ1MZd8.png]

Again, a very strong day, even if there weren't any large gains. Einstein, Rosetta, and Collatz are all chugging away as our main growth areas, with MilkyWay and Climate Prediction both keeping a steady output of points. However, with a remarkable three position gains when even 1 a week is a rare occurrence, our Project of the Day is...


[Image: WAHeJJG.png]

Once again all subsections are holding their own or gaining, with Mathematics gaining two positions thanks to Collatz.

We are now ranked 171st, 2 positions higher than yesterday. This is with a total of 83,245.997 points, a daily gain of 288.667.

[Image: FUL3o9i.png]

Also, just as a novelty, have a table of our position/points change in each project since the 12th of December. The three projects we've added to our Vault since then have recorded change since they day they were added.

[Image: moqv7Em.png]
Yay, we beat Sweden!
No, of course I'm not late!

[Image: a1e5UoQ.png]

So much green... Folding@Home breaks 9.99 thousand points, Rosetta, CPDN, and Seti all crack 5k, and there's position gains almost across the board. But with an amazing 1.2k points gained, pushing it far above where it onced languished as our worst project, our project of the month day is...


[Image: EbNP9Lk.png]

Pretty even gains across the board for our subsection stats. Miscellaneous isn't going as fast as it was, but that's due to the fact that we're already very near the top there. A bit of work on yoyo@home and we should be able to crack the top 25.

We are now ranked 165th, an impressive 6 positions higher than yesterday. This is with a total of 88,065.149 points, a gain of 4,819.152.

[Image: 44PT75s.png]

CPUs on yoyo@home would be hugely appreciated. I can handle Muon on my own.
Selly, you lazy bastard!

I'm probably going to make an image script, similar to the forum sigs, so that we can have these updates immediately.

I'll update it Thursday! I'm not lazy, I just haven't been home for more than a fortnight yet this entire year. I'll have finished moving back to Adelaide on Thursday though.
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