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Full Version: The Gearhead Thread
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(2017-11-08, 12:32:39 PM)Luis_GT Wrote: [ -> ]I'm glad this thread is still somewhat alive... I stopped watching the show and fell out of all the forums...

My life now revolves around south park, F1, Racing on the weekends, and working...

Thought I'd at least post an update here as to how Rarity is doing...

She got shoe upgrade and all the bolt-ons I could get for N/A

Wow, its not dead! Good to see you popped in. That is you racing in all those pictures?  Derpyderp1

The most recent thing happening here is the folding@home competition that is starting at the end of the month (PS: you should join it!)

One of these days I still plan on building my own car loosely based on the ford GT40. That day is still at least a couple years away though. Hopefully not too much more than that.
Yep, that's me.

I'd join the competition, but I sold most of my hardware since I wasn't using it.
[Image: 24879554_1149171791852014_37281093566915...e=5ACA6E43]
It's a Ford Capri made in Germany and never released here. Same designer as the Mustang of the 60s/70s so.. its a Pony car. ;)
Just went full rice

Sard Style Wing

[Image: GVaywnT.jpg]

[Image: bpzdCln.jpg]

[Image: kfUjagQ.jpg]

[Image: rrH9owe.jpg]

[Image: dlH8GUS.jpg]

[Image: SjrP9gX.jpg]

Raceseng Tugtow with Gopro Mount

[Image: lQpKaLt.jpg]

[Image: a3ViYMx.jpg]

[url=""]Salinas Speedway FRS 12 17 2017 - YouTube[/url]

Verus Engineering Fuel Starvation Door

[Image: HpRhzXx.jpg]
Here is a link to pictures of my new car. I've had this one since about June, and I have really enjoyed owning it (especially the free charging thats everywhere).
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