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So, trans install took longer than it should, but drove it down to St. Louis right afterward. Rainbowwild

Not much time to test, so made me think of Roadkill. Any gearheads here watch it?
I mounted my new exhaust last week

[Image: 20131213_093832_zpsmnzifr6w.jpg~original]
That looks pretty good! Got any audio clips? Those boxer engines have a pretty cool sound.

Here's mine on the dyno from a couple months ago

Not quite awesome exhaust, but here is what I broken motor mount looks like!

I don't think there was a good mount in my jeep, but it never hit anything moving around like that!
Easily fixed with some MIG welding and an engine hoist

Also, I want this car...



(that third video is a work of art)
(2013-12-20, 08:42:12 PM)Fir3Chi3f Wrote: [ -> ]Not quite awesome exhaust, but here is what I broken motor mount looks like!

I don't think there was a good mount in my jeep, but it never hit anything moving around like that!

Wasn't looking for a loud exhaust, but rather horsepower, I plan on doing headers in the future and they usually make the car aggressively loud, so I thought ahead and went with the mildest sound.

My bimmer's engine had both engine mounts shot and it didn't rock...
Well, yesterday was an interesting day...

Had to go somewhere, so I backed out and set off in the -10 degrees of snowy roads. At this point, I hear a loud metallic snapping noise from one of the back wheels. Since it was cold, and the sound was similar to a frozen clutch becoming unstuck, I thought nothing of it. On the highway, I noticed a strange noise coming from one of the back wheels, sort of like that rattling noise you hear from the ABS when you've driven over ice so slippery that you've lost all control. However, despite the snow, everything seemed to be fine. I wasn't slipping, the car was pointing in the direction I wanted it to point in, and I felt nothing in the pedals. Since I was only 5 minutes from home, I decided to turn around, since I had no idea what could be causing that noise, and I didn't think it was a coincidence that two different and new noises came from the same place.

Just as I returned home, a passer by told me that the rear left wheel was locked up. Wasn't spinning at all. I suppose I'm glad this didn't happen while doing 110 on a dry highway, but ffs. Could be a problem with the caliper. Later today, I'll try to jiggle it with my hand to see if perhaps the slide pins snapped off, but beyond that, there's nothing else I could think of that could be the problem, without hiring a car trailer and bringing it in to the mech's workshop where I work.

Any other possible ideas for causes? It's a FWD, so neither back wheel is connected to anything but the chassis. If it was just a case of it being frozen, it wouldn't have locked up on the highway. It would have either stayed frozen, or become unstuck eventually, without stopping again. The only other thing there are the brakes, so that's all I have to go on.

EDIT: Nope. Looks secure.
So my rear brake caliper froze up on my Jeep the other day. I made it to work and found my brakes smoking when I stopped. Raritydespair Luckily we have a shop there so I was able to fix it before driving home. The rotor is a nice cherry red now, I hope that doesn't hurt anything...

Also, it's almost time for me to renew my plates and I'm getting tired of the one I currently have. Everyone asks why my plate says 'overstar' (OVERSTR), then when I explain it they either don't get it or tell me oversteer is bad/dangerous/etc.... I'd like something that's MLP related, but also Mustang related. Shouldn't be too hard to come up with something, but I'm not that creative...

I've probably already posted this, but here's the car again.

That's all I got for now :P

[Image: country_rarity_by_sketchywolf_13-d76x9oy.jpg]


Thinking about 2THMOON... It sorta goes with MLP, and also my latest hobby of digging Dogecoins. Haven't really came up with anything else I like.
That's a good one. It's a great reference, but it doesn't say anything about ponies. IIRC, someone had their car destroyed for having something mlp related on it.
That's why I don't want anything obviously mlp related on the car. Too many haters.

And of course 2THMOON is not available. Raritydespair Any other suggestions? 2TMOON is available, as well as 2DE MOON. It sucks being limited to 7 characters...

Eh, nah, doesn't sound as good as the others.

You think 7 characters suck? Aussies are limited to 6!
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